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Jews Facing Bubonic Plague
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Hatred towards Jews..

      The Bubonic Plague also known as the Black Death was the deadliest plague known to man.  Furthermore, there was no known cure for the spreading disease.  The plague took many live across the Middle East.  Also, the Jews were affected greatly because of this Black Death.
      The plague started in 1347 AD and ended in 1350 AD.  It began in the early 1330's in China, and it was only a matter of time before the outbreak of the plague in China spread to western Asia and Europe.  In October of 1347, several Italian merchant ships returned from a trip through the Black Sea, one of the key links in trade with China.  When the ships docked in Sicily, many of those on board were already dying of plague.  Within days the disease spread to the city and the surrounding countryside.  The disease affected rodents, but fleas can transmit the disease to people.  One people are infected, they infect others very rapidly.
      Jews were blamed for the plague for many reasons.  The Jews were considered a popular scapegoat because they were the image of the Antichrist.  They were believed to poison the Christian water wells, and the Leapers participated because they were bribed by the Jews to do so.  Then in turn, they were paid by the King of Granda.  Another myth was the Jews murdered Christian childrenand used their blood in preparation of their Passover unleavened breed <Matzoth's.>  Also, Jews would contaminate others with abominable blemish by carnal intercourse with women in stews and other secret places, detestably frequenting the same.  This was very believeable because the Jews did not have as many deaths as everyone else.  This was because Jews' cemeteries and many bodies hastily consigned to the pits that did not come into the official records.  Many suspicions arrived when the Jews decided to make something good come out of this black plague.  Jews were the "Bank lenders" which is sinful to Christians.  Therefore, Jews began to extract exorbitant rate of interest from their victims.
      The myths have lead to many outcomes of tragic loss.  The Jews  began to be persecuted by others.  First, the Jews formed a very small community quite insignificant in London's population.  Later, they were exiled from different countries, for example, France and England.  They soon were slaughtered, hung, or burned in retaliation of the Jews starting the Bubonic plague.  In 1349, Landgrave Frederic of Thuringia wrote to the council of the city of Nordhausen telling them how he had burnt his Jews in honor of God and advising them to do the same.  Later, and Antichrist of Jews set off a massacre in which, inspite of efforts of the Duke of Brabrant, some 600 Jews were killed.  By 1351, 60 major and 150 smaller Jewish communities had been exterminated and more than 350 separted massacres had occurred.  In turn, the Town-council of Erfurt did a little better while the city Fathers of Trier, when they offered the Jews the chance to return to the cities, and warned them quite frankly that they could no guarantee their lives or property from rioting.  Basically, the massacres were because of the myths and the Christians' owed the Jews much money from interest.  Money was what killed the Jews in Strasbourg.  The Jews were either baptized to Christianity and gave the Christians all their money or they were burnt alive.  Many Jews agreed or were forced by their families to convert.  All these events had been provoked by any act the Jews were doing because they had become the most hated figure in the European society.
      Jewish people got the worst of it all because of their religion.  Even though, many people died from this plague the Jews had suffered much more.  They suffered criticism, hatred, plague, and ethics.  They were put through much more pain than the others because of the killings and massacres towards them.  Everyone would have lasted longer and maybe more people would have survived if everyone didn't accused each other and tried to help each other.  Jews were not the bad people during this time and neither was anyone else.  It was the Black Death that was the horrible thing killing everyone and no one brought it on.  It came on its own and left on its own.

Black Death
People dying in vast numbers.